Wednesday, August 27, 2014

To Market We Go!

Welcome to the Olive Basket!  This is a collection of marketplace finds that I gather along my journey as I explore small town main streets and urban neighborhoods.  I am (and have been for some time!) a small business and local artisan cheerleader who is always on the lookout for new lovely finds that can only be found in unexpected places.  Beautiful shops, inviting cafes, artisan goods, & creative ideas catch my eye and inspire me most. I invite you to explore these with me as if we were at a neighborhood market together perusing the stands looking for the best local produce and handmade goods.  I hope you will find some new inspiring ideas for your home and everyday life as well as some new favorite spots to visit, shop, and eat.  All the while, we will share a little local love for all the creative people behind these finds too.  So grab your market bag, come along, and let's have some fun exploring, discovering, and being inspired!
Why the Olive Basket?
Well, besides the fact that I think these rusty metal containers are quite fabulous, there is a little bigger reasoning behind the naming of my blog.  Vintage olive baskets, which are now primarily used decoratively, were once used for picking and washing olives.  I imagine that in their day these baskets were filled to the rim with olives and the fullness of the baskets delighted the gatherer with the abundance of harvest time.  That's my hope here too - that you will find an abundant gathering of creative finds that will delight and inspire you, and that will, in turn, be an abundance of local love for the people and artisans behind them!
vintage olive baskets,
{Photo credit: Maria Carr,}