Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Market Finds: September 2014

Fall is now officially in full swing, and, it being my favorite season, I am excited to dive into it!  I have always loved the change of the leaves, the cooler mornings, the crispness of the air, the sunlight, and of course the cozy aromas of this season. And with that, for me, comes an increased attention to the inside of my home and the desire to gather with family and friends around a harvest table delighting in the seasons bounty.  I begin to dream about setting a dinner table that is rustic and simple, Sunday afternoon picnics that require long sleeves and a glass of red wine, deliciously fragrant candles that welcome you home and beg you to stay, cookie jars full of favorite fall-inspired treats, and the overall warmth and coziness that this season inspires.
As I have been exploring the marketplace in recent months, a few things have captured my eye that bring forward those ideas of cozy days and beautiful gatherings.  I especially love it when I am inspired by unique goods that can only be found in local boutiques or just straight from the artisans themselves.  Below are my six favorite finds that inspire me as this season begins.  They can all be found either in a local boutique near you or directly from the artisan who made them.  Take a look, explore what these artisans are offering & creating, and be inspired by the warmth and beauty of this new season!

1. Burlap Market Tote from Ice Milk Aprons - a perfect tote for the market, an afternoon wine picnic, or just toting around everyday needs!
     (photo credit: IceMilk Aprons)
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2. Mini 3.5oz Apple Picking Soy Candle from P.F. Candle Co - the perfect scent of crisp apples with a hint of autumn; made of 100% soy wax and hand-poured in the USA, this mini candle is travel size and perfect gift size although it comes in larger sizes as well; it is definitely a must have in every home this Fall!
    (photo credit: P.F. Candle Co)
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3. Farmhouse Beehive Salt Cellar from Bowl & Pitcher - an adorable addition to your Fall table setting that will sure to grab the attention of your guests and stash quite a bit of salt too.
    (photo credit: Bowl & Pitcher)
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     Find Here:  Not currently available in local stores, but only on their website
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5. Ticking Dinner Napkins from Raw Materials Design - these dinner napkins come in navy, red, or tan and will lend a rustic feel to your Fall dinner gatherings; they are yarn-dyed 100% cotton and are a perfect 20" square.
    (photo credit: Raw Materials Design)
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5. Nectarine Jam with Long Pepper, Balsamic Vinegar & Sea Salt from Lemon Bird Handmade Jams - this is by far my favorite flavor from Amy Deaver, the creative artisan jam maker at Lemon Bird Jams; it is a perfect Fall pairing with toasted baguette slices and a dab of goat cheese - yum!
    (photo credit: Bella Vita)
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6. Beechwood Spoons from Bowl & Pitcher - every kitchen needs a set (or two or three!) of these spoons; they would also make a lovely hostess gift paired with a tea towel or a jar of artisan jam (see #5!)
    (photo credit: Bowl & Pitcher)
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     Find Here:  Not currently available in local stores, but only on their website
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

21 Main

My husband and I recently moved to the Austin area and we quickly discovered that a little town by the name of Salado, TX, located almost exactly between Waco & Austin, has over the years become quite a shopping destination for these surrounding urban areas.  With this knowledge in hand, we made our way up there to check it out and to see what was going on there.
21 Main, Salado TX
We definitely found that there were many shops to peruse along the length of Main Street in Salado, but my eyes were drawn to an older section of this street.  We discovered that this block (or two) long section of Main Street is called Salado Square and that it is currently home to three boutique shops and a vintage bakery.  And, the shining star of this historic block is 21 Main!
antiques and furniture at 21 Main, Salado TX
It is a beautiful shop with an eclectic mix of furniture, home decor, jewelry, books, and gifts.  The owners, Kaye Coachman and Julie Schramm, have created a space that is warm, welcoming, and uniquely beautiful.  These two friends decided a little over a year ago that it was time to do something different and open their dream shop in just the perfect available space in their small town of Salado.  So along with their spouses, they did just that and opened the doors of 21 Main at Salado Square.
furniture at 21 Main, Salado TX
Kaye and Julie have done such a beautiful job of bringing together antique pieces, modern furniture, and a bold mix of decorative accessories to create what I like to call clever vignettes, or little rooms, that help you visualize what these pieces might look like in your home.  So you get to see a dining room table in a dining room space, and not only are you able to visualize the table perfectly placed in your dining room, you also find yourself needing to grab those table linens too because your new table just couldn't live without them.
Inside 21 Main Salado TX
{photo credit: 21 Main}
But, even if you aren't in need of furniture, you can be sure to find lots of gift choices and ideas for all the special folks in your life as well.  Signature candles, custom made pet beds, scarves, books, men's gifts, jewelry, glassware and artwork are just a few of the gift selections you will find.
gift selections at 21 Main Salado TX
gift selections at 21 Main Salado TX
So if you get a chance to visit Salado, TX, any time in the near future, be sure to stop by Salado Square and visit Kaye and Julie at 21 Main.  I know you will love it and I guarantee you will be inspired to redecorate at least one room in your home.  And, I am also pretty sure you will not leave this shop empty handed either.
Dog love at 21 Main Salado TX

Enjoy & Explore more of 21 Main:
Store Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10-5:30; Sun 11:30-5
Facebook Page:  facebook.com/21Main
Website:  twentyonemain.com
 Shop Salado at 21 Main Salado TX

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Bright Idea

I was out a couple of weeks ago venturing through some of the antique stores in my little corner of the world and came across a clever idea.  I have seen tons of ideas (especially on Pinterest) where creative folks use vintage bed springs or bed coils to make all sorts of crafty things - vases and letter holders seem to be the most popular use of this vintage find.
 Vintage bed springs, vintage bed coils
But, my most favorite use of them by far I saw hanging in one of these antique shops I visited.  It would have never crossed my mind to use them in lighting in any sort of way, but when I saw the display of hanging bed spring pendants, I was amazed and instantly thought- "why didn't I think of that?"!  I am a sucker for pendant lights anyway and this was just such a simple way to combine my favorite lighting function with something interesting and unique.
Vintage bed springs pendant lighting
I am guessing this could be a fairly inexpensive lighting project too.  I have seen the vintage light kits (bulb + cord) available online and ranging in price from $12-$15 per light.  The vintage bed springs can be about $2-5 depending on the pricing at your local antique store.  I personally think this would be such a fun idea to use in a creative work space, a kids play room, or an outside dining space.  Of course the shop owner in me saw this display and was inspired to use them in some creative way as I look forward to new shop spaces in my future.  
Hanging Pendant Lights Vintage Bed Springs
If you have a bright idea on how to use vintage bed springs, I would love to hear (and see!) what you have found or what you have made.  I am always inspired by how people take vintage finds and architectural pieces and then discover beautiful and creative ways to re-purpose them.  Hoping this "bright idea" inspires you in some way today!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cherry Tree Creative

I am super excited to share Cherry Tree Creative with you!  My husband & I stumbled upon this amazing little boutique one day as we were exploring the small town of Taylor, TX, and it has to be one of my favorite shops I have found so far in the Austin area.  Located in the heart of downtown Taylor at the corner of 4th and Main in the historic Preslar-Hewitt Building, this inspiring little shop captured our eyes and our hearts, and I know it will capture yours too.
Cherry Tree Creative, Taylor Texas, Shop Taylor TX
Curie Humphreys, the innovative owner behind this shop, decided to open Cherry Tree Creative as a place for local artisans to sell their products.  She invites any and all local craftspeople, artists, designers, and creative business folks to bring their handmade goods, vintage and one-of-kind finds to Cherry Tree for her to showcase and sell.
Cherry Tree Creative, Taylor Texas, Shop Taylor TX
In turn, Curie puts her creative talents to work as she mixes all (yes ALL!) of these varied and local goods into displays that come together cohesively and beautifully and that always tell an inspiring visual story.  She is masterful at her art of display and is pleased as punch to be able to "give back" to local artisans in a way that puts their unique, one-of-a kind products into your hands.
Cherry Tree Creative, Taylor Texas, Shop Taylor TX
And, the magic and beauty of it all is that as the shopper, you would never know that every single item in this shop is not purchased by Curie at a national market, but instead is lovingly made or sourced by someone who lives right in the local community, or as Curie likes to call it - her own "backyard".  I have yet to see another boutique concept quite like this and it inspires me as a former shop owner to think of new ways to support local artisans.  Just think - if every town had a Cherry Tree Creative, how much local love and support would be flowing into and out of our communities?!
Cherry Tree Creative, Taylor Texas, Shop Taylor TX
 Cherry Tree Creative, Taylor Texas, Shop Taylor TX
Until then, this is definitely one shop you can not pass up if you are ever visiting or if you live in the Austin area.  And, if you never get a chance to visit in person, then at least follow what is going on at Cherry Tree Creative on Facebook.  You will see all of the new goods that are brought in every week, and I guarantee you that you will be inspired by the local love and the unique creativity of local artisans!
Handmade Notepads Cherry Tree Creative Taylor TX Shop Taylor TX
If you do get a chance to visit Cherry Tree Creative for yourself, then you will definitely get to meet Curie and probably Stacey (her equally creative assistant) too.  You will be invited in, welcomed, and urged to stay, if not for all the wonderful goodies you find, but for the fact that you just met 2 new friends!
Cherry Tree Creative, Unique Handcrafted Vintage Local Taylor TX
{Pictured L to R: Curie Humphreys, Owner of Cherry Tree & Stacey}

Explore & Enjoy more of Cherry Tree Creative:
Store Hours: Thurs. 10-7; Fri.-Sat. 10-5
Side Note:
Taylor, TX, is located just about 40 minutes northeast of Austin and is in the process of revitalizing their downtown area that has been somewhat left empty over the years.  I love seeing small towns re-invest and take pride in their businesses and in their towns, and I dream of the day when all small towns come back alive!