Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ice Milk Aprons

Most people who know me, know that I love to cook, and I especially love to bake.  I enjoy eating baked goods which spurs my love for baking, but I also love all the kitchen supplies needed to bake.  Vintage rolling pins, wooden cutting boards, wooden spoons, aprons, and flour everywhere just conjure up for me ideas of a simpler time when breads, cookies, cakes, pies, jams, and butters were made on a daily basis.  I love that idea!  And, although I enjoy baking, I haven't quite made it to the daily routine of it yet, which, according to the fit of my jeans, is probably okay.  However, the enjoyment of a delicious baked good and all those little details that fill that romantic idea of daily baking just make my heart smile.

Ice Milk Aprons

So, a few years ago, one of my favorite magazines I use to read quite often caught my eye as it sat in my local grocery store magazine stand.  The colors on the cover appealed to me, but more importantly one of the headlines under the title - "Enterprising Women" - drew my attention too.  I picked it up, thumbed through it to this certain section, and saw several stories of these really creative women who had turned their craft into a thriving business.  One story in particular stood out to me and spoke directly to that daily baking idea that lives in my heart.  It was the story about Ashley Leckey (now Schoenith) who, inspired by and along with her grandmother, took her love of handwritten recipes and family dinners and was inspired to make these really amazing vintage style aprons.  

Ice Milk Aprons, Victoria Magazine, Heirloomed Blog
{photo credit: Ice Milk Aprons + Victoria Magazine, May/June 2010}

Ice Milk Aprons was born out of the love of family, cooking, and tradition, and lives to inspire others to treasure family memories, passed down recipes, and time spent together.  Such a sweet story and such beautifully styled aprons!  Ice Milk Aprons come in either full or waist length and are packaged in an over-sized preserve jar with a few recipe cards to get you started.  The other signature piece of Ice Milk Aprons is that each apron also comes with an Heirloom Tag - a piece of fabric that can be used to hand-stitch the initials of family members as the apron gets passed down through the generations.

Bella Vita Evergreen, livebellavita, Ice Milk Aprons

These beautiful and functional aprons will inspire bakers and wanna-be bakers to get their rolling pins and favorite family recipes out.  They make such great gifts too, especially bride and bridesmaid gifts and for the cook in your family who has everything.

Ice Milk Aprons
{photo credit: Ice Milk Aprons}

Ice Milk Aprons has grown quite a bit since 2010, and Ashley's collections now include table linens, garden aprons, market totes, cookware, vintage goods, and a holiday collection as well.

And, if you haven't seen these aprons in your local shops, then maybe you have seen a glimpse of them being stylishly worn by Food Network's Demaris Phillips on her show Southern At Heart.  She is a cooking instructor, turned Food Network Star, turned celebrity chef with amazing recipes and a fun show, and she does a fabulous job of showing off the ease, simplicity, and beauty of Ice Milk Aprons every week on her show.

Ice Milk Aprons, Demaris Phillips, Food Network, Southern At Heart
{photo credit: Ice Milk Aprons + Food Network}

The article that I read that spring day back in 2010 led me to contact Ashley and stock these lovely aprons in my own little shop.  I still love them today and hope that you will too!


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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Momentary Pause

Hi friends!  I took a bit of a pause from the Olive Basket since the holidays, but only momentarily.  Like the leaf in the picture below, our little lives over here in Austin have been in a bit of transition (including moving apartments), but we are getting settled into our new surroundings and our new routines.

Leafy Changes at the Olive Basket Texas

Thank you for hanging in there with me through the pause of the new year!  
My hope is that 2015 will bring lots of new finds - shops, bakeries, cafes, products, ideas - and that you can be inspired by all the creative businesses that are popping up everywhere.  My exploratory travel schedule has slowed down quite a bit, but when I do get a chance to get out and about, I will be sure to bring you stories about all the inspiring shops and businesses that I discover along my journey.  In the meantime, I will be focusing the Olive Basket on Market Finds, Artisan Goods, and Creative Ideas that I come across.  It brings me such great joy to discover one-of-a-kind, beautiful goods that I can use to create warm, welcoming spaces and places for others, so when I come across these treasures, I will be sure to pass them along. 

Seeing Inspiration at the Olive Basket Texas

 Stay tuned as I transition the focus of the Olive Basket just a bit and know that you can count on me to bring you what I see along my journey through neighborhood markets and small town main streets.  Thank you for walking with me on this journey and here is to a path full of new ideas and inspiration!!